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What We Do

Stringify provides real strings, tailored and recorded for your music - whether you have already written a beautiful arrangement or just want someone to write one for you.

The process is straight-forward - take a look below at our step-by-step guide with examples or go straight to our Showreel and listen to some samples we've made with our strings on different tracks and genres.

Stringify Step One

1. Send us your music

Send us your music, along with any midi, sheet music, etc and a couple of words about the project. We will get back to you with a price-quote within a day or two.

Stringify Step Two

2. Recording begins

After we've agreed on a price, the recording of your music begins. We will pay great attention to detail and everything will be recorded cleanly and edited where needed. Expect the turnaround time to be 2-10 business days, depending on the size and complexity of the project.

Stringify Step Three

3. Delivering the tracks

When the recording is done, we will send you the tracks in any format you wish. Typically, we will deliver pre-mixed stems in 24-bit .wav, ready to be thrown into your music and we will also deliver individual, unmixed tracks in order for you to have maximum creative control in the mixing process of your music.

Example 1: A client sent us this midi-track with strings.

Example 2: We replicated/recorded the strings.

Example 3: Final mix - the track has been stringified.